Registration for the cruise

Most cruise lines are now offering convenient and “green” E-Docs or E-tickets.

  • E-Docs will require an Online Advance Guest Registration
  • Your E-Docs and E-Tickets are typically available 30 days prior to your departure date
  • Print your E-Doc & E-ticket confirmations, along with your baggage tags and bring with you to the pier.

Advance Registration is also in line with customs and security requirements that all cruise lines must follow. The information that you have provided for advance registration may be shared with government agencies as required by law or as requested by such agencies. 

The cruise ticket indicates:
- name of the cruise company and liner
- cruise dates and duration
- cruise route and ports of call
- check-in and boarding times
- luggage tags
- booking number
- cabin number

The main thing to understand is that boarding a liner is very similar to boarding a plane. And if you have already reached the cruise port, then there will also not be much difficulty. But for those who are going on a cruise for the first time, many questions arise:
- Where is the registration for the cruise ship?
- how to get on the liner?
- what documents are needed?
- Do I need money to make a deposit?
- what to pay on the liner?
- etc.


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