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Azamara Club Cruises (aka "Azamara Cruises") is a company that operates two cruise ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Azamara is a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Founded in 2007 as Azamara Cruises, the company was rebranded in 2009. Both vessels were refurbished during 2012–2013 winter.

Azamara Club Cruises ships were originally part of the R-Class cruise vessels built for Renaissance Cruises between 1998-2001. The 30,277 GT Azamara Journey and Quest were both built in 2000 and originally named R Six and R Seven.

Larry Pimentel has been president & CEO of Azamara Club Cruises since 2009. He was formerly president & CEO of SeaDream Yacht Club, Seaboard Cruise Line, and Cunard Line, as well as president & CEO of Classic Hawaii tour company.

Each of the Azamara cruise vessels carries up to 694 passengers, and company's guest profile includes 45% from North America, 20% from the UK and Ireland, 10% from Australia/New Zealand.

Azamara Club Cruises has won many awards for its value, traveler experience, and service. Among its honors, Azamara won three awards in the same category with "Best Entertainment" to Azamara Journey, while Azamara Quest won "Best Fitness and Best Public Rooms" by 2015 UK Cruisers' Choice Awards. Azamara Club Cruises was also named one of Travel+Leisure's World's Best Awards 2014 in the large-ship lines category.

Designed to provide exotic destination-driven itineraries, the line presents an intimate onboard experience while offering access to less-traveled ports of call that experienced cruisers want to visit.

Azamara Club Cruises set a course to break the mold in the industry where the product falls into the traditional mainstream, premium and luxury categories. The line gives an exciting opportunity to experienced travelers who look for more than what a traditional voyage can deliver. They are more keen on traveling than cruising, but may still prefer the convenience that only a ship can deliver in exotic locales. Azamara Club Cruises provides this underserved group of vacationers what they want - an experience that is a bit different: more than premium, but not quite luxury. Azamara offers deluxe voyages with concierge-style amenities - for this one would have to upgrade to a suite on other lines.

Since its launch Azamara has added more inclusive amenities to guests’ fares, with no charge for bottled water, specialty teas, and coffees, standard wines, spirits, and international beers throughout line's ships during bar hours; complimentary self-service laundry and shuttle bus service to and from port communities.

The extensive overhauls of the two ships that formerly sailed for Renaissance Cruises (now-defunct) have resulted in brighter interiors with the addition of light and splashes of bold color in the drapes and upholstery. Areas that appeared stuffy now look welcoming, with contemporary artwork enhancing the decor. While the size of Azamara Club Cruises ships makes the ships easy to navigate and affords a high level of intimacy, there is no skimping on features that are abundant on larger ships, such as alternative dining and private balconies. Cruisers may feel like they have checked into an upscale boutique hotel that happens to float.

Translated as a bright, blue sea, Azamara Cruises are bursting with curiosity and adventure - they visit a wider range of ports than any other line.

Azamara Club Cruises inclusive luxury club experience includes:

  • A selection of complimentary spirits, wines, and international beers;

  • All bottled waters, specialty teas, and coffees, soft drinks;

  • AzAmazing Evening shore excursion, which includes local cuisine and entertainment ashore;

  • Onboard gratuities included in fare - guests are no longer required to tip Azamara crew members;

  • Onboard concierge services and English butler service in suites.

The AzAmazing evening shore excursions are complimentary evenings that offer a fabulous way to immerse in local culture. Guests spend an evening enjoying stunning locations, great entertainment, and regional cuisine.

Remaining rich, yet elegant, Azamara cruises are wonderfully decorated and manage to hold an inviting presence all the way through your stay. Of Azamara staterooms, 93% provide ocean views with 70% offering private balconies, meaning it's easier to find the perfect room for your vacation. Onboard service is outstanding: from butler service in every stateroom to the 1 staff member to every 2 guests ratio. In every stateroom, passengers receive a high level of service, which is rarely found on larger cruise liners.

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Azamara Quest

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Azamara Quest

Azamara Quest

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