Internet on cruises

Cruises can be a really fun time. There can be a lot to enjoy on and off the ship alike. At the same time, we live in an age where most of us want to be somehow connected. Whether you wish to sit on the deck of the ship chatting online with your friends, you want to send occasional emails to your family at home letting them know how you are doing, to share pictures via social media as you go, or if you must conduct some important business through telecommunications no matter where you are, all will come at a cost that could be quite hefty.

But cruises pose yet another challenge when it comes to accessing the internet. Not only will you have to address the cost of access on the ship out at sea, but very likely, one or more and possibly all ports of call will be in foreign countries. As most carriers will charge you to use your smartphones for internet access in a foreign country, you will have to separately address those fees if you wish to remain connected.

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