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9 nights Trieste, Katakolon, Piraeus, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Corfu, Bari, Trieste

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9 nights Trieste, Katakolon, Piraeus, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Corfu, Bari, Trieste

Cruise Details

Cruise Region : Europe
Mediterranean Sea
Company Category : Standard
Company name : MSC Cruises
Ship name : MSC Splendida
Journey Start Date : Fri 05 Jul 2024
Journey End Date : Sun 14 Jul 2024
Port start : Trieste / Italy
Port end : Trieste / Italy
Count Nights : 9 nights

Short Cruise Program

Day Port Date Arrival Departure
1 Trieste / Italy Fri 05 Jul 19:00
2 Day at sea / Sea Sat 06 Jul
3 Katakolon / Greece Sun 07 Jul 08:00 16:00
4 Piraeus (Athens) / Greece Mon 08 Jul 08:00 18:00
5 Kusadasi (Ephesus) / Turkey Tue 09 Jul 07:00 15:00
6 Istanbul / Turkey Wed 10 Jul 10:00 23:00
7 Day at sea / Sea Thu 11 Jul
8 Corfu / Greece Fri 12 Jul 13:00 21:00
9 Everything / Italy Sat 13 Jul 07:00 14:00
10 Trieste / Italy Sun 14 Jul 09:00


Build Year : 2009
Width : 38.00
Length : 333.00
Speed : 23.30
Capacity : 3959
Deck Quantity : 18
Cabin Quantity : 1637
Balancer : Yes

• port taxes

• in the buffet restaurant at the drinks station: cold, hot water, tea 20 hours a day, coffee only during breakfast

• meals in the buffet restaurant: early breakfast, breakfast, snacks in the pizzeria and grill, lunch, dinner, snacks for night owls, drinks from the bar are paid extra

• meals in the a la carte restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner without drinks (extra charge)

• entertainment activities on board (evening performances in the theater, live music in bars and lounges, animation shows, disco)

• access to all public areas of the liner, including the library, swimming pools, jacuzzi by the pools, children's water park, gym

• sports games: table tennis, minigolf, shuffleboard

• services of educators and animators for children of five age groups in mini-clubs - from 6 months to 17 years

• transportation of luggage in the ports of the beginning and end of the cruise

• use of boats for embarkation and disembarkation in ports where the liner does not moor to the pier

• only for MSC Yacht Club cabins: ALL INCLUSIVE drinks (value up to 13 €) in the bars and restaurants of the liner and in the minibar in the suite, Premium internet package

  • medical insurance
  • drinks (water, juices, spirits, cocktails)
  • air flight
  • excursions
  • optional – hotel before the cruise

Cabin prices



from: 2 409€

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Detailed cruise program
  • Day 1: 19:00

    Trieste / Italy

  • Day 2:

    Day at sea / Sea

  • Day 3: 08:00-16:00

    Katakolon / Greece

  • Day 4: 08:00-18:00

    Piraeus (Athens) / Greece

    Piraeus is the gateway to Athens , which, in turn, is rightfully considered the center of the centers of the whole world, with the main attraction - the acropolis. Piraeus is an old port city serving the port of Athens, the largest port in Greece to date. Piraeus is part of the great Athens, which boasts an abundance of attractions, including unique monuments of national fine art. More than two hundred museums and galleries, including the University History Museum, the Ceramics Archaeological Museum and many others, will hospitably welcome you within their walls and familiarize themselves with the culture of this area.

  • Day 5: 07:00-15:00

    Kusadasi (Ephesus) / Turkey

    Kuşadası is a resort town on Turkey's Aegean coast, and the center of the seaside district of the same name within Aydın Province. Kuşadası is 95 km (59 mi) south of İzmir, and 71 km (44 mi) from Aydın. The municipality's primary industry is tourism.

  • Day 6: 10:00-23:00

    Istanbul / Turkey

    Стамбул — самый крупный город Турции, расположился на берегах залива Босфор. До 1930 года город имел название Константинополь и был столицей таких великих империй как: Римская, Византийская, Литинская и Османская. На территории города и в его окрестностях сохранились постройки древних цивилизаций, исторических памятников архитектуры и другие важные достопримечательности.

    Сегодня Стамбул является важным культурным, торговым и промышленным центром страны. Туристы приезжают сюда не только чтобы посмотреть на храмы, дворцы, парковые ансамбли, музеи и крепости, но и для того чтобы скупится на известных турецких рынках и базарах, которые известны по всему миру. Здесь можно приобрести хорошие поделки известных брендов, пестрые кальяны, душистые специи, ювелирные изделия и предметы старины, а также всласть поторговаться.

  • Day 7:

    Day at sea / Sea

  • Day 8: 13:00-21:00

    Corfu / Greece

    Corfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the northwesternmost part of Greece. The island is part of the Corfu regional unit, and is administered as a single municipality, which also includes the smaller islands of Ereikoussa, Mathraki and Othonoi. The municipality has an area of 610,9 km2, the island proper 592,8 km2. The principal city of the island and seat of the municipality (pop. 32,095) is also named Corfu. Corfu is home to the Ionian University.

    The island is bound up with the history of Greece from the beginnings of Greek mythology. Its history is full of battles and conquests. Ancient Korkyra took part in the Battle of Sybota which was a catalyst for the Peloponnesian War, and, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time. Thucydides also reports that Korkyra was one of the three great naval powers of fifth century BC Greece, along with Athens and Corinth. Medieval castles punctuating strategic locations across the island are a legacy of struggles in the Middle Ages against invasions by pirates and the Ottomans. Two of these castles enclose its capital, which is the only city in Greece to be surrounded in such a way. As a result, Corfu's capital has been officially declared a Kastropolis ("castle city") by the Greek government. From medieval times and into the 17th century, the island, having successfully repulsed the Ottomans during several sieges, was recognised as a bulwark of the European States against the Ottoman Empireand became one of the most fortified places in Europe. The fortifications of the island were used by the Venetians to defend against Ottoman intrusion into the Adriatic. Corfu eventually fell under British rule following the Napoleonic Wars. Corfu was eventually ceded by the British Empire along with the remaining islands of the United States of the Ionian Islands, and unification with modern Greece was concluded in 1864 under the Treaty of London.

    In 2007, the city's old quarter was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, following a recommendation by ICOMOS.

    Corfu is a very popular tourist destination. The island was the location of the 1994 European Union summit.

  • Day 9: 07:00-14:00

    Everything / Italy

    Bari is the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Bari and of the Apulia region, on the Adriatic Sea, in southern Italy. It is the second most important economic centre of mainland Southern Italy after Naples and Palermo, a port and universitycity, as well as the city of Saint Nicholas. The city itself has a population of 326,799, as of 2015, over 116 square kilometres (45 sq mi), while the urban area has 700,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area has 1.3 million inhabitants.

    Bari is made up of four different urban sections. To the north is the closely built old town on the peninsula between two modern harbours, with the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino (1035–1171) and the Hohenstaufen Castle built for Frederick II, which is now also a major nightlife district. To the south is the Murat quarter (erected by Joachim Murat), the modern heart of the city, which is laid out on a rectangular grid-plan with a promenade on the sea and the major shopping district (the via Sparano and via Argiro).

    Modern residential zones surrounding the centre of Bari were built during the 1960s and 1970s replacing the old suburbs that had developed along roads splaying outwards from gates in the city walls. In addition, the outer suburbs developed rapidly during the 1990s. The city has a redeveloped airport named after Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyła Airport, with connections to several European cities.

  • Day 10: 09:00

    Trieste / Italy

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