MS Junker Jörg

Viva Cruises


Рік будівництва


Рік реновації


Кількість палуб


Кількість пасажирів

94 м


11 м


Огляд лайнера

Make your entrance to the MS Junker Jörg! A ship for 112 passengers that suits all occasions. Since the ship is smaller in size than many other ships of our fleet, it offers an intimate and cozy look and feel. 8 suites with French balcony and 48 double cabins are your home base for a wonderful trip. The restaurant offers a large buffet and has the possibility for dinner served at your table. The Panorama lounge with bar and integrated library are the perfect places to grab a drink and meet up with others. On the sundeck, giant chess and loungers offer the opportunity to enjoy the sun.


Стиль одягу на борту - вільний. Рекомендуємо більш вечірній одяг в ресторані на вечерю і ошатну для Капітанського вечері