Celebrity Xpedition

Celebrity Xpedition

  • Departure 13 Mar
  • From the port Balьtra Galapagos Ecuador
  • On a cruise 8 days 7 nights
  • Arrival 20 Mar
  • Cost From N/D

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Balьtra Galapagos
Code: 30,674,126
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Cruise 7 nights, from Baltra Galapagos on the cruise ship Celebrity Xpedition from Celebrity Cruises

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Port Date Arrival Departure
1 Balьtra Galapagos Ecuador 13 Mar, Sat 15:00
2 Simor-Norte Galapagos Island Ecuador 14 Mar, Sun 15:30 18:00
3 South Plaza Island Ecuador 15 Mar, Mon 7:00 11:30
4 Santa Fe Island Ecuador 16 Mar, Tue 15:00 18:00
5 Punta Pitt Ecuador 17 Mar, Wed 7:00 11:30
6 Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Ecuador 18 Mar, Thu 15:00 18:00
7 Floreana Galapagos Ecuador 19 Mar, Fri 7:00 11:30
8 Floreana Galapagos Ecuador 20 Mar, Sat 15:00 18:00
9 Elizabeth Cove Isabela Island Ecuador 21 Mar, Sun 7:00 11:30
10 Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Ecuador 22 Mar, Mon 15:00 18:00
11 Charles Darwin Puerto Ayora Research Station Ecuador 23 Mar, Tue 7:00 18:00
12 Gardner Bay Espanyol Ecuador 24 Mar, Wed 7:00 15:00
13 Punta Suarez Ecuador 25 Mar, Thu 15:00 18:00
14 Balьtra Galapagos Ecuador 26 Mar, Fri 8:00

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  • Characteristic Value
  • Length91.0
  • Decks4
  • Speed17.0
  • Capacity98

Celebrity Cruises' owner Royal Caribbean acquired Sun Bay 1, a small luxury vessel, built in 2001, and launched it in June 2004. In an innovative move, Celebrity's Xpedition sub-brand, created a new strata of up-market, premium-priced cruises and shore excursions offering travelers unusual cruise experiences in exotic destinations.
The start-up of the venture marked the arrival of the first mainstream cruise company to operate around the Galapagos Islands year-round. This option opened up Galapagos cruises, formerly the province of backpacking (or high-end) "adventure travelers." In essence, Xpedition combines the exotica of this type of adventure on a small vessel with some of the amenities and features -- high level of service and cuisine, for instance -- that Celebrity is known for.
And indeed, the joy of the Galapagos operation is that it combines Celebrity stylishness with local, "small ship" ambience. Crewmembers -- almost entirely Ecuadorian from the captain down -- are sunny, charming and tirelessly obliging. Destination-oriented features are incorporated into the onboard experience, such as a performance of Ecuadorian folklorique preceded by a highly personalized slide show featuring pictures of passengers meeting wildlife during the course of the trip (guests are presented as a complimentary CD to take home).

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